Thursday, May 12, 2011

Not voting for President Obama in 2012 is like voting for Jefferson Davis in 1856.

Sorry it's taken so long to post.  Been sort of busy, as life has a habit of interrupting.

See the whole idea of a blog is to post ideas and have people who either love you or hate you (hopefully more of the former and less of the latter... and keep the two of 'em away from each other).

Not voting for President Obama in 2012 is like voting for Jefferson Davis in 1856.

Ok.  I'm out.  Chew on that, haters.  Even those of you, maybe even people of color, who voted for President Obama like I did in 2008.... some of you, I see you teetering.  Keep the faith, brothers and sisters.  I've wrote President Obama himself on, asking if we can please stop this war and I'd be willing to exchange myself and one NGO for every soldier we send back in time for Father's Day this year.

Do I really have to send my daughter, Mr. President?  How much longer will we have to be sending our sons and daughters against this hatred against us?  Can't we offer to talk peace, now???  Please, Sir ???

Please, Sir.  I love you and your family.  Don't have them come for Malia and Sashas, too.  I don't want to send my daughter, Sir, not until you send me first, please.  I'd be willing to play you on the court, Sir, if you'll kindly spot me one point for every year I'm older than you, Sir.  Please don't send my daugher to war.  Please send me instead.

My best regards always and our prayers are with you.  Voting for anyone other than President Barak Obama in 2012 would be like voting for Jeff Davis in 1864.

Mark S. Schwartz



  1. posted on the site today at 0859:

    Please, Mr. President, send me instead of my daughter over to Afghanistan or even better please stop this war now. If the Taliban are willing to talk peace, we should stop now and do the right thing, please, Sir.

    Please don't let them come for Malia and Sasha, too, Sir. I'll go instead of my daughter. I work for you, Mr. President, so please, Sir, if you can, please stop this war and send all of our children home for Father's Day this year, 2011. I'l go, on a one-for-one exchange with other NGO's for our military. Please, Sir, if we can, let's talk peace. God bless you, your wonderful family, and our Country. God Bless America.

  2. I know we have to fight evil and we got rid of a big one. I know there's more out there and we need to get them, just like you led Seal Team Six as all of us knew something really big was going on. I don't get text messages from work for nothing on a Sunday afternoon for nothing, know what I mean? So I'm with Michael Moore in saying maybe this is the time with Geronimo out of the picture to start peace talks now, please, Sir. Don't let them come for Malia and Sasha, too. Send me, not my daughter, please, Sir.