Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fee for service business model...

Maybe I should start charging for reading this blog now that I'm up to 3 followers.  Maybe I ought to take the corporate approach and start gouging 'em... say, for ... $67.99 per year like that buffoon charges, the hater?  Or should I charge what it's really worth for the pontificators to spew their vile... yeah... that's it.  I'll match them for what their hate is worth... $.02.  That's right.  I'll charge $.02 from now on to read this blog.  You can always give me your 2 cents worth, even if I don't agree.  That's your right, not only as an American, but as a human being.



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  1. Sorry, Mark: I voted against President Obama this time because I am not happy with the way the economy is going, and with the suffering of so many I have seen around me. The real numbers for unemployment approach does not show up because small contractors, small business owners that lost their businesses during the downturn in Florida had no safety net to fall back on. There are no programs for those who fall between the cracks in the system. It does not matter what the skin color was, I do not even think in terms of skin color. The middle class in Florida was totally decimated. No work, no jobs, no income. There has been a migration out of Florida to other states "en masse". I am one of those. I am concerned about the overspending, the promises not kept, the rhetoric of our politicians. I no longer trust any of them. So, I do not think that if a person voted against President Obama in good conscience, that THAT voter should be considered "bad"...Sorry, my friend, I am not a "hater", and I respect your opinion, but I have to point out to you that my vote does not render me a "bad" person just because it differs with yours. Sincerely your friend, Pamela